New year ... new ride

The 2008 Michigan State Police Vehicle Evaluation helps law enforcement pick the right ride for the right mission

     Only two of the special service vehicles broke the 100 mph mark, both from Ford. The Ford Expedition reached 60 mph at 8.81 seconds — the same time as the Dodge Magnum general service vehicle — with a top speed of 105 mph. Even though the Ford Explorer met every acceleration mark up to 100 mph quicker than the Expedition, the Explorer's top speed was only 1 mph less than the Expedition.

     The BMW R1200RTP came out on top in the Motorcycle group at a 130.9 mph top speed, meeting 100 mph from 60 mph in 6 seconds. The Harley-Davidson Road King and Electra Glide vehicles met their top speeds relatively closely at 109.1 mph and 106.2 mph, respectively. However, the Electra Glide's acceleration dropped dramatically from the Road King in the 90 mph to 100 mph range. It took the Electra Glide about 11 seconds longer than the Road King to reach 100 mph.

     See Table 2 and Table 3 on Page 53 for additional vehicle acceleration and top speed results.

     As winning isn't the ultimate goal in the Police Vehicle Evaluation and Purchasing Program, vehicles with the best times, speed and ratings aren't the only factors in choosing the correct vehicle for an agency's mission. Following the road tests, the program also includes a ergonomics analysis, focusing on issues such as console and equipment placement in relation with drivers and passengers. The program supplies law enforcement with its objective evaluation to enable those interested the ability with to examine and compare data side-by-side.

     Editor's Note: All test results are preliminary and are subject to change upon confirmation of data with the Michigan State Police. Additional information on the 2008 and previous year's Police Vehicle Evaluation and Purchasing Program can be found online at

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