TDL Real Performance Duty Holster

At first the holster seemed bulky, difficult to draw from and, in general, way too new in concept for me to appreciate. The retention design system is quite unique and holds the weapon in a secure fashion. I don't see it becoming my favorite holster...

So, those were all my mental blocks, outlooks, challenges, etc. That was everything I could think of that I absolutely didn't care for about this holster. Then some things happened that modified my outlook...

First, I was talking with Tony Blauer at SHOT Show in '06 and he was describing for me the natural "stabbing" motion police officers apparently make when reaching for their weapon under stress. Tony had the holster on and he repeatedly and QUICKLY drew his demo weapon from the holster. Whether or not his argument about cops stabbing their guns out of their holsters is valid (I don't know enough to say either way, so I have to take his word for it, and I consider Tony's word very good) it was obvious that with some level of training a person CAN quickly draw from this holster.

With an open mind I took this holster down to the range and challenged a few officers I know--who are avid and competent shooters--to pick the holster apart. The ONLY complaint that each of them made was the thickness and bulk of the holster. After a few slow draws, a couple magazines of shooting with quicker draws and then some high speed work, they were getting the pistol out and presented as fast as with their familiar duty holster. Still, once I threw some stress into the drills they slowed down, and a few had some trouble on the draw. In all fairness, that was after only a couple of hours with the holster. More training probably could have alleviated that challenge.

This is where I ended up with this holster: it obviously works. With proper training it's quick to draw from. It IS bulky as compared to every other holster on the market I'm familiar with. And finally, it's weapon specific. Because of the internal design, it only works with one weapon or, as an example, two models of weapon that are externally identical, i.e. the Glock 19 and Glock 23. My T&E holster is for a Glock 19, and neither a Glock 17 nor a Glock 26 will function in it. But I needed it to fit my Glock 19, and it does that without issue.

In the end I have to say that it's functional. The retention design system is quite unique and holds the weapon in a secure fashion. I don't see it becoming my favorite holster, but I'd feel confident carrying it on the street as a duty holster. For more information about Tactical Design Labs, visit their website.


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