Stop Sticks Stop Wrong Car in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. --

Early Monday morning, Orlando police had to use stop sticks to catch a man who tried to run from them. Police thought his car was involved in a downtown Orlando shooting early Monday.

"You can outrun the police cars, but you can't outrun the radios," said Lt. Rich Ring of the Orlando Police Department.

SLIDESHOW: Images From The Scene Of The Shooting

Detectives with the Orlando police said the suspect had at least two good reasons for not pulling over when an officer spotted his grey Chevy Impala in MetroWest. For one, he was driving without a license. Police also found a small amount of narcotics in the vehicle.

Officers used stop sticks to deflate the car's tires because they thought it was involved in an attempted robbery in downtown Orlando.

"The problems were we had been given very vague information about the suspect," said Ring.

Around midnight on Sunday, police responded to Irma and Hillcrest Street in Orlando after a man was shot at and robbed by four men in a grey Impala. The victim was not hit.

When police spotted a vehicle matching the description and the driver refused to pull over, police thought they had the suspect within reach.

Even though police said the driver of the car was not involved in the shooting, he was still taken to jail because fleeing from police is a felony charge.