Can Crime Cards Solve Cold Cases?


Law enforcement officials are hoping they have 52 new reasons they will be able to solve dozens of unsolved killings that took place in San Diego County.

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Crime Stoppers and a group of law enforcement agencies produced the deck of cards, each of which features the photograph of a homicide victim or suspect.

N&K liquor store owner Peter Jajo is hoping the gamble pays off. In 2001, store worker Dolour Ibrahim was robbed and shot dead while working at the business.

"I knew him," Jajo said. "He was my friend."

Ibrahim was also a distant relative of Jajo, and he is missed by the members of his community and his customers. Officials are hopeful that the deck of cards could heat up the cold case.

"We work with anonymous tips all the time," San Diego Sheriff's Department Lt. Dennis Brugos said.

The sheriff's department is hoping for a slew of new tips from inmates in county lockups.

"Anything we can do to help us solve these cold cases, we try to do," Brugos said.

The decks will be sold at $1.79 to inmates in the seven local jails.

Sally Cox, the executive director of Crime Stoppers, said that officials were careful about how the cases were chosen for inclusion in the deck.

"We worked with law enforcement to give us those cases, so they worked with families individually," Cox said.

Brugos said the crimes in the deck are the cases with the highest chances of being solved.

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