The Few, The Proud, The Trainers

Think you have what it takes to be a trainer?

The High Return Rate Instructor

There are instructors out there that sometimes have the same students returning to attend their classes. It may either be a different class that they are teaching, a re-certification, or even one that they have previously attended. Why would someone do that? Simply because the highly effective instructor engenders a feeling of excitement and energy that is infectious to all that know them. Once you have been through one of these individual's classes, you can't wait to return for another. These instructors build their students up, infusing them with the desire to constantly improve on their classroom technique, delivery, testing, and evaluation. They are role models that have created instructor paradigms for those that love to teach. When my energy level has diminished, my enthusiasm is lacking, or I need an attitude adjustment, I look to one of these trainers to get me back on track.

Do you possess any or all of the aforementioned characteristics? Are you presently a trainer, or are you contemplating becoming one? If the answer is "yes," be aware that to become a highly effective trainer involves hard work. In many cases it involves taking on extra assignments in addition to your regularly assigned duties. It means preparing lesson plans on your own time, buying supplies or equipment with your own money because your agency refuses to purchase them, sometimes even working a double shift or on your scheduled day off. A good trainer willingly makes these sacrifices, accepting them as part of the job. Would life be simpler for the trainer without these obstacles? The answer is "yes," but then the job would be easy and anyone could do it. The trick is to do the job well in spite of them, without becoming disillusioned or jaded. Can you do it? If you can then join the ranks of highly effective trainers--if you think you are strong enough. The rewards are, for the most part, intangible, but that means they are not man-made--they are matters of the heart. Stay safe, brothers and sisters!

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