Campus Law Enforcement Can Challenge Managers

Transition from public policing to campus policing requires more than you imagine.

College campuses can be targets as well. Should the faculty invite an outside speaker, who of course is nationally recognized for whatever, the crowds will come to hear them or protest. The security is one thing but now they must have intelligence on groups, no matter how they stand. Campus police then have to be appraised of a volatile atmosphere that could evolve due to a radical or political speaker. Either way, it is a security detail to protect all parties. Additionally, if the campus has any form of animal lab, welcome the animal rights groups as well. This mandates that often times the campus police must partner with local, state and federal departments for special interest events.

After my conversation with Howard it was more than apparent that a street cop could have a transition process here. Campus police work is neither a retirement job nor easy job; they have very specific demands placed on them that are ever changing. So if you have a child on campus, thank that campus police department for a job well done. And, if you think it is an easy plush job, let's call my friend.

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