Personalize Your Arsenal

We're going to look at modifications you can make (no armorer or gunsmith required) to your rifles, shotguns and pistols that will ultimately benefit you. The modifications suggested may not be applicable to everyone, but, in general, are suitable for...

This second photo (right) shows a Tac-Grip applique on my son's second generation Glock Model 22 in .40S&W. For him, the application of this friction increasing material and the installation of the XS Sights 24/7 Standards was all he wanted to do. He has three 15-round magazines for it and an additional 10-rounder (holdover from the Clinton gun ban years). On his first outing with the new grips and sights he increased the accuracy of his shot placement while decreasing the time he used to place them. Anytime your accuracy is increased while your shooting time is reduced, I view that as a good thing.

So, just as I said earlier: what you decide to do to modify your weapon depends entirely on two things:

  1. What YOU want to do to the weapon and
  2. What YOU want to do with the weapon.

What is the environment you expect to shoot in? How much accuracy of shot placement do you demand? Will it be a combat or a competition weapon? Do you want it to be a distinctive color? Or sport a distinctive pattern? All of this is possible without hiring a gunsmith. But figure it out first and then do it a piece at a time. In the end, you'll have a weapon that everyone can recognize as yours... and you'll be happy with that.

Stay Safe!!

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