Statistically, you're correct

     Law enforcement officers almost have to be de facto criminologists. After all, they base behavioral predictions on past practices. Coupled with common sense, the officer can increase crime solving success rates and improve safety by looking at...

     There are several trainers who emphasize realistic scenarios based on lessons learned. Rob Pincus, director of shooting operations at the Valhalla Shooting Club and Training Center, offers hands-on training in his "Combat Focus Shooting" course, an entire application of realistic training philosophy. Louis Chiodo, founder of Gunfighters Ltd. offers a program that emphasizes realistic fighting, not just shooting skills.

The numbers game

     Statistics give us a snapshot, often for the purpose of predicting future behavior or future outcome. As criminologists, officers must pay attention to national and local statistics. Every other business pays attention to demographics, business history drives future predictions. Judges and juries involved in sentencing decisions are simply predicting future behavior. Officers should also be afforded the opportunity to win at the numbers game.

     Editor's Note: Additional information on the Valhalla Shooting Club and Training Center can be found at Additional information on Gunfighters Ltd. can be found at

     Lindsey Bertomen is a retired police officer who teaches Administration of Justice at Hartnell College in Salinas, California.

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