The hidden badge: the undercover narcotics operation

     Ahhhhhhhh, the life of a narcotics officer. It is just like the movies, drinking champagne, cruising in your custom Denali, screaming down the water in your "Go Fast" cigar boat, and sitting in a hot tub with a hand-rolled Cuban and seven of the...

     Darin Logue started his work in the narcotics world in 1999. Working as a freelance narcotics agent for departments plagued by financial constraints or not affiliated with a task force, the author has held numerous commissions throughout the Midwest working at times for less than minimum wage. When he first began working undercover, Logue recalls working with no badge, no gun, no radio, no backup, no surveillance and no cell phone. After approximately nine years of undercover work, Logue currently acts as a consultant and part-time agent for a major Midwest taskforce and as a trainer in various aspects of narcotics work.

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