The products of ingenuity

When the right tool for the job isn't available, law enforcement can get remarkably creative

Two are better than one

     Alternative tools are commonly not concocted off-hand, or on the street with a ball of string, a pencil and a milk crate. Instead, working together with fellow officers creates a brainstorm where many ideas can come to fruition.

     Logue says that his team meets regularly and occasionally discusses the latest law enforcement technology and how to recreate it with tools they already have in their possession.

     "If we can't figure something out," Logue adds, "we try to find the departments that do have the money for [new] equipment and we use their older equipment."

     Funding from any of the many equipment grants that are sponsored by law enforcement manufacturers and distributors is also an option. Grant details have been posted in previous editions of Law Enforcement Technology's "Funding Solutions" section and can be found online at

     Internet searches for equipment grants may lead to alternative opportunities. This resourcefulness in any aspect of law enforcement can only be an advantage provided the future faux MacGyvers know the boundaries, limitations, regulations and liabilities to their ingenuity.

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