Leading organizations support Enforcement Expo '08

In its fourth year of serving the law enforcement community, the national conference moves to Columbus, Ohio, August 12 to 13

     Enforcement Expo 2008 will showcase some of the past winners and finalists of Cygnus Law Enforcement Group's Innovation Awards. The 2007 Innovation Awards had winners in categories that included communications, computers, corrections, firearm accessories, hazmat/WMD, security, surveillance, traffic enforcement, uniforms and body armor, vehicles, software, tactical, training, vehicle accessories, firearms accessories, forensics and less-lethal.

     The 2007 winners were announced in a special banquet held in entrants' honor. Top award for the 2007 communications category was EHS Inc., which won for its data acquisition system, VIDMIC. Trimble won the computers category with its Recon X-Seres handheld computer. Winning for the corrections category was Omnilink Systems with its monitoring device, FocalPoint. U.S. Tactical Supply won in the firearms accessories category with the vertical fore-grip system, Grip Pod. Winning in the hazmat/WMD category was Morphix Technologies' Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit. Mustang Survival won in the security category with its rapid inflation rescue device, Rescue Stick. Winning the surveillance category was Camero with its Through-Wall Vision system, Xaver 800. In the traffic enforcement category, Phoenix International and MagnumSpike won jointly with the MagnumClaw!, their tire-deflating and high-speed chase prevention tool. Winning the uniforms and body armor category was Point Blank Body Armor with its Rapid Deployment Armor Bag. Topping the vehicles category, T3 Motion won for its T3 Series, a three-wheeled standup electric personal mobility vehicle. Winning for the software category was SpeechGear Inc. for its translating device, Compadre Instant Translation Suite. The tactical category winner was Ultra Vision for its portable motion detection system, MicroDetector. The training category honored Advanced Interactive Systems with the win for its pre-engineered, prefabricated shooting range, QuickRange. The vehicle accessories joint winners were Protective Products International and Ford Motor Co. for its Covert Ballistic Door Panels. Winning in the firearms category was Smith & Wesson with its M&P .40 pistol. In the forensics category, SubRosaSoft won with its forensics tool, the MacLock Pick, used for extracting passwords, Internet history and system settings. And finally, winning the less-lethal category was TASER International with Taser Cam, its video recording device that captures any activation of the Taser X26.

     Now in its fourth year, Enforcement Expo knows how to best serve the law enforcement community by providing up-to-date educational information; a showcase filled with innovative, new products; and the opportunity to provide active training. Those behind Enforcement Expo are excited about the opportunity to work with the public safety community this year in Columbus.

     Visit www.enforcementexpo.com for further information and updates on Enforcement Expo 2008.

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