Female Cops

The notion that a female could be a suitable partner for me while I struggled to cuff a robbery suspect, did not strike me as a good idea at all.

I hold these ladies in high esteem. I was fortunate to have been involved in training scores of female FBI Agents while I was assigned to the FBI Academy at Quantico, VA. Their tenacity, resolve, and focus were inspiring. They handled tough physical and mental challenges equally as well. On the day of their graduation, their FBI credentials were "earned, never given."

I am still in contact with a handful of agents that I helped train, both male and female, but Marlene in particular stands out. She is presently assigned to one of the FBI's 60 Legal Attache offices around the world. She is fluent in two foreign languages, has a stellar academic background, and has a tremendous thirst to constantly improve her skills. She keeps in constant contact with me, bleeding me dry for the latest in tactics, firearms, and everything and anything that will help her to survive and win on the street. Being assigned in a foreign country precludes her ability to carry a firearm, yet she knows that marksmanship is a perishable skill, and finds ways to hone and maintain her proficiency. In short, the desire and drive that this female warrior possesses is remarkable. She is the type of cop that I would not hesitate to go through a door with, or have as a back up when things go sideways. I know that there are many more like her out there, and that there are more that have preceded her. I salute them for the adversity that they faced then, and the challenges they will wrestle with throughout their career. I know that the question posed back in the day - Female cops, what good are they? - now holds sway with no one. They have proven their worth and merit. Today I cannot imagine law enforcement without our women in blue. They have truly become an integral part of our nation's law enforcement community. Stay safe brothers and sisters!

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