Finally, Fun Taser Story in Washington


A police officer used a Taser to help a toddler unlock his mother's car after she left her keys inside, according to the Port Angeles Police Department.

The 2-year-old boy was sitting in the middle of the front seat playing with his mom's CD player when Port Angeles Police Officer Glenn Wood responded to the scene.

The windows of the Ford Taurus were rolled all the way up and the car had electric locks.

The mother tried to coax her son to unlock the door, but knew that he was not old enough to understand the situation.

After thoroughly checking the vehicle, Wood realized that there was no practical way to unlock it.

Wood then got the idea of using his Taser to distract the toddler and lead him to one of the doors.

"I have four kids and I know that a 2-year-old loose in the car is as good as a trunk monkey if you can just figure out how to motivate him to do what you want," said Wood.

Wood then turned on his laser on his stun gun.

After yelling, "Get the dot!" the toddler began to follow the laser.

The child started scooting across the seat while trying to capture the dot that Wood was moving around.

Wood led the toddler to the door lock.

After repeated attempts by Wood to get the toddler to press the button, on the fourth try it finally worked.

Afterward, Wood chuckled and said, "I can't believe that worked."

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