PAINTING the nation's arms neon

Are brightly colored firearms putting officers in danger?

     A Good Morning America host said he was glad that Lauer's daughter and operations manager, Amy, admitted on national television that the line of neon firearm finishes and a specially designed gun in Bloomberg's name was a publicity ploy by the company. John Siegler, former police officer and current president of the National Rifle Association says that there's no harm in Lauer's response, which he finds an appropriate counter-political statement, given the nature of the attack by Bloomberg on Lauer and his business.

     "I think that the language that Bloomberg used to describe Mr. Lauer as "sick" and "twisted," is a pretty damning statement by someone who's never met Mr. Lauer," Siegler says. "For someone to use those pejorative terms in such a fashion is a personal attack on Mr. Lauer, and if Mr. Lauer feels the need to respond to those in the way that he has, that's certainly understandable. I would be offended by that, and I think I would also be incensed."

     But Lauer isn't incensed, in fact, he has a good sense of humor about the situation, evidenced by his tongue-in-cheek design of the graffitied gun, and the caricature of the mayor stamped on the handguns displayed in his showroom.

     Lauer says that he hasn't heard personally from Bloomberg, and thus hasn't been able to defend his product to the mayor in a one-on-one conversation, adding that instead, the mayor prefers to speak through the news media. Case in point: Bloomberg responded to the paints bearing his name to New York Daily News in March, calling the firearm finishing business "craven" and "beneath any honest businessman."

     However busy his phone, Lauer says he is still waiting for that call from the mayor to defend DuraCoat and, Lauer says, to even offer him a tour, if he were so inclined.

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