Level-headed ballistic protection

Modern helmets are more comfortable and used more regularly for day-to-day officer protection against today's better-armed criminals

     "We typically like to suggest 3/4-inch pads; that's optimal," Miller says. "But it's all about comfort and performance. You don't want the helmet to fit too tightly. If they remove some pads because the fit is too tight it affects shock mitigation, so we want to work with them to make sure they have the proper pad thickness."

     Super Seer Corp., Evergreen, Colorado.

     Super Seer manufactures law enforcement products, such as helmets and accessories, and is also a dealer for Survival Armor, a ballistic helmets manufacturer.

     The company carries both the PASGT and MICH-style helmets. The PASGT comes in two shell sizes. The helmets are made of Kevlar and are tested NIJ Level IIIA. Kevin Smith explains that both helmets have a frontal padding system (called SKYDEX), a mesh suspension system for the crown, and a ratcheting system at the back that enables the wearer to customize the helmet for better fit, comfort and stability.

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