How the 'safest' city does it

The high-tech biz and crime-mapping strategy in San Jose aids authorities in maintaining its 'Safest Big City' moniker

     "The San Jose Police Department can now spend more time on Vehicle Code Enforcement, as opposed to citation entry and correction," says Davis. "The TicketWorks solution dramatically decreases the number of errors and avoids the need to enter data into two systems. The technology will also provide us with the ability to access citation data during critical investigations," Davis adds. "Easy-to-use automated entry forms to the officers will be updated periodically whenever there are changes in city and state traffic ordinances."

     "TicketWorks not only reduces time spent on entering data and making corrections to citations on the handheld devices, but it also provides a complete back-end system that allows individual officers to track their own tickets, and supervisors to better manage citywide allocation of resources," Ramesh Narayanaswamy, 3i Infotech's president for Government Services says in a recent statement. "Officers can focus on serving and protecting the community."

     Davis says every piece of information has the potential to solve a major crime, whether it's from a traffic stop, resident tip or just an officer's observation. "That information doesn't do anybody any good if it's not available in a timely manner," he says.

     "Our strategy to provide our first responders and investigators with a clear picture of an incident — including the location of available units, recent citation information and historical crime data — is going to keep San Jose the safest big city in America," Davis concludes. "We want to give our officers in the field the edge on criminals, by instantly knowing their whereabouts and containing an incident to an immediate area. But ultimately, real-time information in the field will enhance officer safety and effectiveness."

     Linda Spagnoli is a well-known law enforcement advocate in the areas of communication, child safety, officer safety and sex-offender tracking. Her focus is on interagency data-sharing, emergency communications and media relations.

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