Indianapolis Police Deploy 'Trigger ID'


The Indianapolis Metro Police Department on Wednesday introduced a new tool that they hope will result in more arrests in the fight against gun crimes.

A kit called "Trigger ID" will allow street officers to gather DNA evidence from guns at crime scenes, 6News' Julie Pursley reported.

The kit was developed by Forensic ID, a company based in Indianapolis, and IMPD is the first department to use the device in the field.

"We created a solution that not only gathers DNA but preserves it and kills mold and bacteria, which has never been done before," said Vincent Perez, Forensic ID's senior vice-president.

As many as 200 officers have been trained to use the kit as part of a pilot program.

The crime-fighting tool gives officers the opportunity to swab guns before they are moved to gather what is known as touch DNA, such as DNA left behind in skin cells or bodily fluids.

"We think the use of this technology does make maximum use of available science relative to identification and collection, which heretofore may have caused law enforcement and those who investigate and prosecute cases to not have the evidence that they need," said IMPD Chief Michael Spears.

Prosecutors expect the technology to be challenged in court.

"We welcome it. That's the way law develops," said U.S. Attorney Timothy Morrison. "We're excited about taking it into court and trying to get it admitted."

Spears said he hopes to expand the program throughout the police department.

A federal grant is covering the $140,000 cost of the pilot program.

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