Protecting your software investment

Software providers are turning to the Microsoft.NET framework to help agencies meet the ever-growing demands of law enforcement.

     New World Systems and other public safety providers that leverage the Microsoft.NET framework take advantage of a foundation developed by a proven industry leader to increase the speed that they need to develop high quality solutions. By utilizing the .NET framework's built-in coding for complicated processes, like workflow and interoperability, public safety software providers can continue to build onto their CAD, RMS and mobile software without having to rewrite or manipulate complicated functionality. This saves a significant amount of time during development, and ensures updates and additional software will not disrupt functionality from previously installed versions.

     Overall, solutions developed on the .NET framework are easier to build, manage, add to and integrate with other applications, and these benefits transfer to the end-user — your agency.

Technology to meet demands

     Today, interoperability between agencies and public safety answer points (PSAPs) is critical to law enforcement and homeland security. The ability to securely transmit information across jurisdiction lines, access data from many regional databases, and respond to wireless or text communication from citizens, has brought about many advances in public safety software, including Next Generation 911 and CAD-to-CAD transfer capabilities. As more agencies require these technologies, public safety software providers are turning to the Microsoft.NET framework for the tools to easily and seamlessly integrate their solutions with others.

     For many agencies, interoperability between applications also saves time and improves efficiency by removing redundant data entry and cutting down on paperwork. Public safety software built on the Microsoft.NET framework is designed to integrate with common applications an agency uses every day, especially Microsoft Office, allowing more options for printing, saving and editing. And because of the growing popularity of the .NET framework, these public safety solutions also integrate with hundreds of future applications, protecting agencies' software investment for many years.

     Online reporting for citizens, another growing trend in law enforcement, places pressure on agencies to provide an avenue for citizens to access crime information and statistics online. Solutions developed on the .NET framework are Web-based and utilize built-in features that enable software providers to offer more online options.

     As more agencies place an emphasis on community policing to prevent crime, more public safety software providers have increased wireless communication capabilities and access to information for officers on patrol. Equally important in keeping officers in the field is the ability to electronically complete and submit field-based reports.

     By utilizing the .NET framework, companies can leverage Windows Workflow Foundation to improve the movement of data throughout applications. This provides powerful and sequential workflows for better field-based reporting capabilities.

     The company's Microsoft.NET mobile computing solution allows the completion and electronic submittal of reports from the field. The workflow tools in the .NET framework automatically route the electronically submitted field-based reports to the appropriate people for approval, keep track of each edit or version, and ultimately send the data from the report to be merged into the agency's RMS.

     Without built-in tools like a rules engine, tracking, transaction management and more from the .NET framework, public safety software vendors would need to develop this workflow on their own, a largely time-consuming, expensive and complicated process that typically results in brittle and inflexible solutions.

More benefits of the .NET framework

     One of the most noticeable benefits of public safety software solutions built on the Microsoft.NET framework is the better visual experience and user-friendly look of the software applications. Solutions built on the .NET framework are Web-based and offer familiar Microsoft Windows functionality so they often appear less daunting to employees. Nearly everyone today is familiar with Windows functionality, like drop-down menus, the ability to right-click, drag-and-drop and more. Many agencies prefer .NET solutions because they are easier to use and require less training for new employees.

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