Domestic Violence & 1st Responders

The challenges, frustrations, and stressors encountered with domestic violence can be constant and compelling.

There are common denominators with the challenges, stressors, and frustrations that are shared among professionals who routinely work with domestic violence cases. Recognition of their existence and awareness on how to cope with these factors is critical for them to continue effectively in their professional pursuits. Jeffery S. Gray, a retired Prince George's County Maryland police detective and a 27-year veteran of the department who was the supervisor of the domestic violence unit, offers some good advice: "Without a doubt, domestic violence is one of the most perplexing and challenging types of crime we deal with but it's a crime that involves love and emotion. You just need to accept that challenge and take it on with an open mind and realize you're not going to change the world but if you can help one victim and/or one abuser in breaking the cycle of domestic violence, the difference you have made is ever so rewarding."

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