Bearing TRUE witness on thy neighbors

     Law enforcement professionals conduct interviews with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of individuals every year, and each interview is as different as the background and personality of the interviewee. So, what happens when an interview turns...

     Etters emphasizes the positive experiences between Recordant and the military, specifically the National Guard, and thinks the fit is equally important for law enforcement. He is confident that as more and more information becomes available, additional agencies will follow suit.

     "The fact that we are now able to provide a product that serves police officers, so soon after our successes working with the soldiers of the National Guard, is particularly satisfying," he says.

     "I look forward to working with the law enforcement community to ensure officers are properly protected and, as a result, the public is properly served."

To protect, serve and educate

     John Abraham, partner at Kodiak Venture Partners and Recordant investor, has been involved in the evolution of Audio Witness from another perspective.

     Abraham is an adjunct instructor at the Wake Forest University, North Carolina, Entrepreneurship Society and the Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts (OELA), and used Audio Witness in approximately 14 of his classes this year.

     "It was wonderfully successful," Abraham says.

     According to Abraham, the benefits in the educational setting were to monitor the usage patterns of students who chose to try the Audio Witness product.

     "At the beginning, they used it out of curiosity," Abraham says. But after more students volunteered to use Audio Witness, the interest seemed to spread. Prior to two class presentations and the final exam, Abraham says the students jumped all over the opportunity to use it.

     In an educational or classroom setting, there are many opportunities for distraction. Abraham thinks that Audio Witness might help educators and students to re-evaluate the way classes are conducted as well as the students' study methods.

     "We're trying to change education. We don't want students to take notes," Abraham says. In today's classrooms, many students have laptops. As an instructor, he encourages students to close their computers, listen and take light notes. He wants Recordant's Audio Witness to assist students by supplementing their traditional note-taking, which is important because it could be directly related to their retention rate, grades and overall success in the class.

     Audio Witness allows the students to take notes, digest the information and then compare it to the recorded lecture later to add information they might have missed.

     "If you let your brain soak in the information and you need to review it [later], you'll have it all ready," Abraham says. "You can review your notes from anywhere in the world."

A higher level of service

     Overall, Audio Witness helps discover the various ways officers can use this system to identify which officers need additional training, and this eventually allows for an improved and higher level of service in the office and in the field. It also gives officers the opportunity to perfect their methods, which leads to increased professional development and ensures officers follow procedures per protocol. Ultimately, this leads to citizens receiving the most professional services possible from law enforcement agencies, and could also lead to increased trust between officers and the community.

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