2008 Innovation Awards Presented

The only constant is change. These innovations foretell the evolution of law enforcement technology.

The Ticket Board™ boasts several key safety-enhancing features. First, it lights and magnifies the operator's license so it is not only easy to read, but there is also no need to turn on the dome light or fumble with a flashlight. And because the license is firmly stowed on the board, there is no more dropping the license on the ground or in between the car seats. Four separate lights illuminate the writing surface so the ticket can also be clearly viewed without any external lighting necessary. In addition to this, the Ticket Board™ includes three LCD displays which indicate the current date and time as well as the next court date providing the officer with all pertinent information at a glance. Finally, the Ticket Board™ has holders for two additional driver’s licenses and these holders double as receptacles for accessories. It is Essential for Viewing Drivers Licenses, State IDs, Checking Security Features, Watercraft Documentation, Performing Vehicle Inventories & Recording Vehicle Identification Numbers. Ticket Board is used by law enforcement agencies all over the country and is currently being used in Airports, Border Patrols and Marine Watercraft enforcement and is part of Homeland Security Initiative to Detect Fraudulent Documents.

The Ticket Board™ was designed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind as well, and offers 25 different features. The board weighs less than two pounds making it easy and comfortable to use and has held up to the demanding conditions on patrol. The rechargeable lithium batteries are maximized by a 10 minute auto shut-off feature and can be recharged in the patrol car with the included DC adaptor or at the station or at home with an AC adaptor. Ticket Board has been awarded by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety and with Florida, West Virginia, Kansas, & Oregon, (Click it or Ticket) campaigns and is dedicated in saving lives. The Ticket Board™ is available in both right-handed and left-handed models and is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Decatur Electronics: DEI Radar Mirror Display
  • INEX / ZAMIR: LY handheld Camera
  • Roadside Safety Supply: Duro Flares



Training Category Winner:
Dummies Unlimited, Inc.
Dyno-Flex Practice Batons

Known for their products that improve training and reduce injuries, Dummies Unlimited, Inc., now offers a new practice baton that is revolutionizing the practice baton industry. Their new Dyno-Flex Practice Batons significantly reduce injuries that traditional practice batons incur because they do not have a rigid PVC core. Most practice batons wrap a rigid PVC core with foam. This ill fated design results in a high frequency of "blowouts" and broken batons, unrealistic "fat" batons, and significant traumatic injuries to officers, regardless of whether their wearing a padded suit or not!

Dyno-Flex Practice batons are slender and realistic, yet flexible enough not to create injury to UNPADDED (or unprotected) arms or legs! This adds to realism in scenario based training. These batons are changing the practice baton industry because they are Less Traumatic, More Durable, More Realistic and Less Expensive than traditional practice batons.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Advanced Training Systems Inc.: MT-74 "Ranger" 360 All Terrain Multi-Mission Tactical Target System
  • RidgeLine Inc: ProEars Gold Series
  • Ti Training Inc.: Training Lab 3D



Uniforms & Body Armor Category Winner:
Integrated Tourniquet System Apparel

The battlefield has changed. Whether it's on the streets of Baghdad or Los Angeles, more soldiers and officers are suffering from extremity wounds. With advances in body armor and helmets the most common cause of preventable deaths can be attributed to blood loss from an extremity wound. BLACKHAWK!'s Integrated Tourniquet System (I.T.S.)pants and shirts integrate four tourniquets in the pants and shirt (two lower leg, two upper leg; two lower arm, two upper arm), thus providing the operator with life-saving devices that can easily be used by himself or a partner.

The I.T.S. system allows for single-handed application with a flip-pull-twist activation; all in seconds, providing complete occlusion of blood. Both the I.T.S. pants and shirt are comfortable to wear, made of durable fabric, and can be washed and dried without affecting the quality of the tourniquets. Operators can wear the clothing in training scenarios and reactivate the tourniquets multiple times. With an increase in extremity wounds, the I.T.S. is always present to save a limb, if not a life.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • 10 Zero Company: 9mm Glove
  • Point Blank Solutions, Inc.: Thor Shield
  • Russ Innovations & Flak Vest Hangers: FLAK Vest Hanger



Vehicles & Vehicle Accessories Category Winner:
StarChase LLC
Pursuit Management System

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