2008 Innovation Awards Presented

The only constant is change. These innovations foretell the evolution of law enforcement technology.

Pine Harbor Holding Company, developer of The ShadowShield Sniper Hide™, has designed a lightweight, portable, modular mirrored technology concealment device which can be deployed within 30 seconds. The ShadowShield Sniper Hide™ offers law enforcement and military the ability to disappear into the environment using highly designed, low tech equipment. The concept is versatile and effective in any environment and weather conditions, utilizing simple mirror technology incorporating any surroundings as camouflage. When deployed the shield blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment and with minimal training can even be employed in urban environments.

The features of The ShadowShield Sniper Hide™ include its light weight, modular design and excellent ability to conceal one or more personnel. The uniquely designed drop down "J" hook window is rapidly deployed and allows for surveillance and shooting without broadcasting location. Pine Harbor Holding Company began delivering The ShadowShield Sniper Hide™ on February 5, 2008 to leading military and law enforcement customers worldwide for evaluation, field testing and deployment.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Camero USA: Xaver 400 Tactical Through Wall Imager
  • FindWhere: iFind 3000
  • Proactive Technology Solution: Sentinel RX


Results 6-10


Tactical Category Winner:
ReconRobotics, Inc.
Recon Scout

The Recon ScoutTM is a miniature, mobile robot that saves the lives of police and tactical officers by providing real-time video reconnaissance of hostile and dangerous environments. Constructed of aircraft aluminum and titanium and hardened electronics, the rugged Recon Scout can be thrown through a window or door, or tossed over a wall. Once deployed, the movement of the Recon Scout can be controlled at a distance using a joy-stick equipped operator control unit that also receives live video from the robot. In situations involving barricaded suspects, hostages, the stealthy Recon Scout allows police to gather mission critical information prior to entering the environment. This information, including the number and location of suspects, their possession of weapons, the status of hostages, and the layout of interior rooms allows entry teams to assess the situation and plan its safest resolution.

The Recon Scout can be thrown up to 120 feet, and can transmit video up to 100 feet through walls and doors, and up to 300 feet outdoors. Its sophisticated optics allow the transmission of clear video in extremely low light of just .0003 lux - about one-tenth the light found on a clear, moonless night. The Recon Scout is now being used by dozens of police and tactical units, the FBI, and special warfare units of the U.S. military.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Mustang Survival: Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver
  • Pine Harbor Holding Company: ShadowShield Enforcer
  • Z-Medica Corporation: QuikClot Combat Gause



Traffic Enforcement Category Winner:
Ticket Board
Ticket Board

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