2008 Innovation Awards Presented

The only constant is change. These innovations foretell the evolution of law enforcement technology.

The listed benefits of the TruDefender FT include: rapid identification of a range of unknown chemicals directly in the hotzone; fast, accurate analysis; precise results; easy to use; on-board hazard database; no scheduled maintenance or calibration; no consumables; flexible power source.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Concept Development Corp: Laser Guided Projectile LGP-1000
  • Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc.: Mass Decontamination / Shower Trailer
  • TSI Incorporated: PortaCount Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester



Less-lethal Category Winner
TASER International

The TASER XREP (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile) is a self-contained, wireless projectile that fires from a 12-gauge shotgun. The XREP projectile delivers similar Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) bio-effect as our handheld TASER® X26™, but can be delivered to a distance of up to 65 feet (20 meters).

The TASER XREP projectile is truly a revolutionary technology breakthrough, culminating five years of intensive research and development and a dream to protect life that began 14 years ago with the founding of TASER International.

The TASER XREP projectile introduces not only amazingly miniaturized TASER® technology, but groundbreaking flight stabilization and microprocessor-controlled intelligent electrode selection technologies - in a package that weighs only 14 grams, or half an ounce. The TASER XREP projectile is, by an order of magnitude, the most sophisticated weapon system ever launched from a 12-gauge shotgun platform.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • SureFire: E2D LED Defender
  • Taser International: TASER Shockwave
  • Ten-X Ammunition, Inc.: TX-40 Reloading Press



Software Category Winner
Indiana Supreme Court / TAG
Electronic Citation and Warning System

Indiana's electronic Citation and Warning System (eCWS) is an easy to use, effective e-citation solution for laptops and handheld computer devices, tied together with Web services and integrated with Indiana's statewide court case management system developed by Tyler Technologies, Inc., called Odyssey. The Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (JTAC) of the Indiana Supreme Court’s Division of State Court Administration built eCWS in-house and is making the system and its source code available to other governmental agencies for free. eCWS was developed with state and federal grant dollars, using TAG as the software developer.

Using a unique user interface, officers may complete a field stop in less than five minutes. Officers simply scan the offender's license and registration, the application is capable of adding up to four offenses per ticket, and assigning a court date. A combination of citations and warnings can be issued and printed on separate official, designed documents using standard inkjet and thermal printers.

Citations are uploaded to a Web-based Central Repository, where officers, data entry clerks, prosecutors and courts can work on the ticket as soon as the ticket come under the authority of that particular entity. Officers can enter, void and edit tickets. Prosecutors can file cases automatically with Indiana's court case management system (Odyssey), eliminating data errors, and saving countless dollars and administrative time on paper filing and tracking. JTAC worked with all state and local police departments and has already successfully implemented eCWS with several police agencies.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Laser Shot, Inc.: RunningMan
  • Precise Digital: Note-Link
  • Trancite Logic Systems: Easy Street Draw



Surveillance Category Winner
Pine Harbor Holding Company
The ShadowShield Sniper Hide

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