2008 Innovation Awards Presented

The only constant is change. These innovations foretell the evolution of law enforcement technology.

The Knoxx SpecOps stock not only adjusts to fit the shooter, but accommodates load bearing and ballistic tactical vests with a pistol grip style stock. The design of the stock not only reduces recoil but cuts down on muzzle rise - so you can get back on target faster. The adjustable length of pull from 11.25 to 15.25 inches allows any officer in the department to use the gun comfortably and safely. Buying one SpecOps stock to fit many officers is a sure way to effectively save money without sacrificing quality products that may save lives.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • 5.11 Tactical: Double Gun Case
  • ITT Enidine: .308 Hydraulic Buffer
  • Laser Devices, Inc.: EOLAD


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Forensics Category Winner:
Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
L Scan 500P

L SCAN® 500P is the lightest and smallest palm scanner in the industry and is designed to meet the growing market demand for lightweight, flat, single platen palm systems. This demand has grown in recent years as law enforcement agencies upgrade their booking process with palm capture systems to increase the probability of matching latent prints and making positive identifications. The L SCAN 500P is the only palm scanner in the industry equipped with a unique interactive LCD display including two smart buttons, descriptive icons and integrated color messages.

The LCD display is user-friendly and provides immediate feedback making the capture sequence easier, faster and safer. This special feature provides a greater measure of safety for a law enforcement officer who can capture a full set of high quality prints without losing eye contact with the person being booked or enrolled. An important tool in criminal investigations and forensic analysis, this device captures forensic quality images that comply with the FBI Image Quality Specification as defined in Appendix F of the EFTS. Cross Match’s patented auto capture technology enables users to obtain the highest quality single capture of upper, lower and writer's palm images, each in less than one second.

Along with the winner, the finalists in this category were:


  • Drug Detective USA Inc.: Drug Detective
  • JANT Pharmacal Corp.:Accutest Identa
  • Paraben Corporation: CSI Stick



Hazmat/WMD Category Winner
Ahura Scientific, Inc.
TruDefender FT

In January 2008, Ahura Scientific launched its FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) platform with the introduction of TruDefender™ FT, a handheld FTIR system designed to identify unknown chemicals directly in the hotzone without sample preparation or handling. Built for first responders, TruDefender FT weighs less than 3 pounds (1.4 kg) and is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of field use. Using press-and-shoot sampling, it collects a molecular "fingerprint" for identification, providing the accuracy and performance of large, lab-based instruments in a compact, handheld instrument, TruDefender FT complements Ahura Scientific's flagship FirstDefender® to maximize coverage of a broad range of unknown chemicals, including white powders, narcotics, explosives and their precursors.

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