Showcase: Search & Rescue, Hazmat

Evidence lockers

     Compact, space-saving pre-fabricated evidence storage lockers from Safety Storage meet evidence storage and containment needs for police, fire, military, homeland security, coast guard, forensic laboratories and government agencies. The weather-resistant outdoor Safety Storage units extend storage capacity for managing flammable and combustible chemicals and toxic and hazardous materials. A static ground connection, weatherproof steel construction and permanent hold-down anchoring plates provide added stability during adverse weather conditions. 

Handheld gas monitor

     RKI's GX-2009 weighs 4.6 ounces and fits in the palm of a hand. The GX-2009 simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. The monitor's advancements include dual audible alarm ports and alarm LEDs on three sides of the instrument, so alarm conditions are obvious from multiple perspectives, especially in high noise environments. Other features include a waterproof and dustproof design with an IP 67 rating, an impact-resistant rubber over-mold body that is RFI resistant, and a large capacity data logging system as a standard feature.

Swift water personal protection

     The combination of the Mustang Survival Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit PRO and Force 6 Swift Water Rescue Flotation Vest provides protection for any professional entering the water to affect a rescue. The Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit PRO's fitted design minimizes drag and fatigue, improves rescuer safety and effectiveness, while optimizing agility and confidence. Featuring light weight, rugged and durable materials, the Swift Water Rescue Flotation Vest is easy to swim with and doesn't attract or hold dirt.

Rescue ladder

     DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, introduces the Rollgliss Rescue Ladder, which provides a means of assisted rescue after a fall has occurred. The Rollgliss Rescue Ladder can be anchored to a structure and dropped down to the victim's level so that he or she can climb up or down to safety. The ladder is easy to climb with rungs that are reinforced with plastic and steps that are staggered instead of straight across. The lightweight synthetic material makes the 3.8-pound ladder easy to transport to the rescue area. The ladder is available in 8-foot sections.  

Rescue hook

     Offering options in a multitude of emergency response situations, the Benchmade 30200 Houdini-Pro Rescue Hook Tool available from U.S. Cavalry combines three tools in one package: a high-carbon stainless-steel blade, glass breaker and LED light. The folding hook-style blade easily shreds through rappelling rope, seat belts and flex cuffs. The addition of the LED illuminates the situation so officers don't have to tie up another hand holding a flashlight. The spring-loaded glass breaker is safe and easy to use. Just place the tool against glass and press down, the tool automatically cocks and discharges the glass punch in one quick motion.

Tactical Rescue Sling

     The Tactical Rescue Sling from Groves Inc., makers of the original Sling-Link, is used by SWAT teams and the U.S. Marine Corp. It can be used to drag or carry injured team members to safety. The rugged and reliable sling folds to fit into a pocket but holds up to 4,500 pounds when in use. The device meets NFPA and OSHA standards.