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Products for the technical investigator

     Protection from flash fire is an important consideration for a growing number of law enforcement personnel. Bomb technicians, SWAT operators, environmental investigators and clandestine laboratory investigators are routinely exposed to flammable hazardous atmospheres. Materials such as Nomex have provided flash resistance for years; however, they have shortcomings. None wick away moisture efficiently, resulting in either cold clothing in cold environments, or lack of heat dissipation in warm areas. Also, many of these fabrics were designed for flash resistance; prolonged exposure to flame results in melting of the fabric to the wearer.

     DRIFIRE Performance FR Wear was developed to overcome these shortcomings. DRIFIRE Performance FR fabric is not only flash resistant, but also flame resistant, meeting a variety of military and ASTM fire-resistance standards. It wicks away moisture, providing both a greater cooling effect, faster drying than cotton, and much greater effects than other flash-resistant fabrics in use. Further, it is treated with anti-odor and anti-microbial materials, providing the user, even after extremely long periods of wear, better hygiene.

     Because of the IED campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military has forbidden the use of polyester fabrics in those war zones. DRIFIRE has become a popular clothing line among service personnel there; not only does it provide flash and fire protection from IEDs and other hazards, but its wicking capabilities provide a comfort level not available from other protection clothing.

     DRIFIRE currently produces men's underwear (long and short T-shirts, long johns and boxers), women's underwear (bras and briefs), sweatshirts, heavyweight long-sleeve T-shirts in highly visible colors, balaclavas, button-up work shirts and coveralls.

Adventure Medical Kits

     Most response vehicles come equipped with an almost identical first aid kit - a 6-inch by 8-inch metal or plastic box, with an assortment of small bandage materials, a universal antibiotic cream, some analgesics, alcohol wipes and perhaps a few other items. It gets used to tend an occasional scratch or minor cut, but otherwise is rarely used. Still, it is not unusual for any law officer to be the first on the scene of a serious injury and need adequate supplies, or to be out of a vehicle, traveling on foot a considerable distance from the vehicle, and need medical support now.

     Adventure Medical Kits has been producing kits aimed at the outdoorsman for a number of years. The kits range from small pocket kits, designed for treating minor injuries, through professionally trained medical personnel on outdoor treks. A newer addition to the line is the Tactical Field/Trauma with QuickClot.

     Carried in a 5-inch by 7-inch black fabric zipper bag with an end carry loop and MOLLE attachment straps on the back, it contains a variety of materials for bleeding control: Assorted sizes of adhesive and gauze bandaging, trauma pads, nitrile gloves, disinfectant wipes, antibiotic cream, analgesics, a medical care book written for outdoor emergencies and a 25-gram QuickClot hemostatic sponge. Not a medic kit, it is designed to be carried by a trekker, fisherman or emergency responder in a pocket or attached to gear to provide immediate access to supplies designed for rapid control of bleeding.

     Every law enforcement professional, whether patrol officer, tactical operator, detective, or crime scene investigator, should have adequate first aid supplies available to ensure preservation of life when major injuries occur. Adventure Medical Kits Tactical Field/Trauma with QuickClot is such a kit, stocked with supplies aimed at controlling blood loss, and packaged to allow for carry whether in the car, on the scene or working on foot.


     Gerber Legendary Blades has been a leader in developing innovative tools for many years. One of several such tools is the eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool), designed as a maintenance tool for members of the military to use in caring for their individual weapons, especially M16 family rifles. This is a simple tool with three instruments on each side that fold out from the opposite ends and lock in place with a spring loaded catch. The tools include a front sight adjustment (designed to fit either a four- or five-prong sight), a carbon scraper, a pin punch, a flat driver, and two studs threaded to accept Otis Technology tools, coming with a nylon brush and a curved pick. The entire tool comes in an ACO camouflage belt pouch with a combination belt strap/MOLLE attachment. While designed for military use, it is also valuable for law enforcement, such as an armorer responsible for an agency's firearms, or the individual officer maintaining firearms, especially if issued or authorized to carry an AR-15 family rifle.

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