Looking forward to it...

     Greetings and salutations, Law Enforcement Technology readers!

     As you may be aware, it is a matter for celebration as much as mourning that we folks in the Cygnus Law Enforcement Group move on without Ronnie Garrett, former editorial director. However, in the upcoming months you can expect to continue reading about timely, critical topics from her, as she plans to carry on contributing to LET (see page 10 for Ronnie Garrett's story regarding high-tech crimes forces), as well as from the Law Enforcement Group's committed, knowledgeable staff of editors, contributors and experts.

     For those of you whom I haven't yet had the privilege of getting acquainted with through previous work with our publications, I'm thrilled to put my background of more than five years in a related law enforcement field and six years writing and editing experience to work - in tandem with apt colleagues Jonathan Kozlowski and Sara Schreiber - to deliver the latest news on emerging trends and technological advances in law enforcement to your mailbox each month.

     As a member of a team with technology in its moniker, I make it my business to stay in touch with what's new in our tech-driven world. I'm also a prolific reader, so it was with dual interest that I took in an editorial from "GQ" magazine's editor-in-chief, who recently observed that using "Google" as a verb has become a technologically based idiom to prove a bit of information as veritable, as in, "Identity theft is on the rise: Google it." With that thought on the brain while I was preparing this introduction, I got sidetracked for a moment and visited my search engine of choice for a little research.

     The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group certainly looks forward to maintaining our position as your trusted resource for new products, technology and trends in law enforcement. And in addition, we look forward to maintaining our position as the No. 1 "law enforcement" news source in major search engines.

     Go ahead, Google it.