Street-wise products for the beat

Technology for street patrol: Wireless communication, digital video recording and protection from the elements

     Digital Ally's video systems are bundled with VideoManager II software to allow for playback on any computer. Reviewers can search, retrieve and annotate video frames. And, because GPS is integrated with both systems (including the microphones), it's possible to mark events with exact geographical coordinates.

     Marquette (Michigan)-based V.I.O. Inc.'s wearable video system, the POV.T, is made to withstand harsh weather and shock. Combining the 3-ounce POV.1 camera with a 110-degree field of view via wide-angle lens, the POV.T comes standard with an 8GB memory card and is compatible with 8GB SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity). Users can tag and save video segments via "LOOP" mode, or record continuously via "CLIP" mode, and choose among resolutions and frame rates.

     Setting V.I.O. Systems apart are its modular mounts that allow secure mounting even to high-impact equipment like bicycles. The Special Unit Public Safety (SUPS) package lets users wear the camera in a number of specific tactical applications like search and rescue, while the PSAGT-MICH-PROTEC (PMP) package is intended for patrol and traffic officers.

     Other mounts allow for use on smooth and vented helmets, ballistic shields, guns, robots, handlebars, rollbars, goggle bands and head straps, as well as any part of a wearer's uniform: External body armor, duty belt or hazmat gear.

Lightweight LED

     Eagleville, Pennsylvania-based Streamlight's Strion LED flashlight was available as of April 1. Ideal for bicycle and foot patrol officers because of its light weight (5.22 ounces) and bright C4 LED technology, the Strion rechargeable light boasts a variety of features. Three light intensity modes and a strobe function prove valuable for traffic control or disorienting suspects.

     Strion's main feature is its power LED, outputting 160 lumens on a high setting, 80 lumens on medium and 40 lumens on low. Intensity is electronically regulated via microprocessors. On a single charge, the light will last for two hours on high, seven and a half hours on low and five and a half hours on strobe. The LED has a 50,000-hour lifetime, and its lithium ion battery can be recharged up to 500 times in any existing Strion charger.

     The IPX 4 water resistant light is impervious to shock thanks to its 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish. The lens is also protected from the LED's strength by borofloat high temperature glass.

     The 5.9-inch Strion can be carried on its own or mounted to long guns. Its tactical tail button switch allows officers to switch among modes with one hand; the tail cap rotates to a "Safe" position so that the light will not go on at random.

Battery-free, rechargeable

     The science behind 5.11 Tactical's (Modesto, Calif.) one-pound Light for Life UC3.400 rechargeable, battery-free LED flashlight, was first developed by Flashpoint Power Technology for the hybrid car market. Now small enough to be incorporated into a handheld flashlight, the light allows for recharge in 90 seconds, with one charge lasting up to two hours. It boasts a long life, too: Its internal components are rated for a 50,000+ charge/discharge cycle — or 135+ years — life if used and recharged once a day.

     How is this possible? Flashpoint Power Technology uses carbon/aluminum ultracapacitors which, in concert with computer circuitry, manage and optimize energy load and dispersion. The ultracapacitors need no chemical reaction to charge, as batteries do; they are also not affected by extreme temperature and are rated to operate between 4 degrees and 104 degrees Farenheit. This renders them able to hold a full charge even after first use.

     At 50,000 hours of run time the light's LEDs never need replacing. In peak mode they produce 270 lumens; in standard mode, 90 lumens. A tactical strobe is included as well. Impact-, abrasion-, and water-resistant polymer makes up the flashlight's exterior.

     The flashlight comes with a 12V DC car charger, as well as a mounting plate and a belt ring. Other accessories include lens filters, flare cones and an AC adapter.

Body protection

     Hi-Tec Sports, the United Kingdom-based sister company of global safety and uniform footwear company Magnum Boots, has introduced nanotechnology to several boot products in its line — footwear with Ion-Mask treatment repels water entirely.

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