Delia Tactical Raptor Tool

In some cases shotguns can be used for breaching and such should be trained, but what about when a mechanical breaching tool is needed?

Of course I had to try the thing out in the "real world". I searched around my area and found several condemned properties listed with various real estate agencies. Apparently the properties had been listed and then fell into such disrepair that they were eventually condemned. I was permitted to abuse a house to test the RAPTOR. So, I can happily report that:

  • The sledge hammer works effectively. I broke several interior doors open and into pieces along with smashing through two sheet-rock walls with no issues.
  • The axe head works effectively. Once through the sheet rock walls I needed to chop through or break out a couple of cross-supports and the axe head handled them with no problem. The axe head also cleaved cleanly through an interior door with no issues.
  • The ram striker plate works. I busted into the front door with two strikes (hey, cut me some slack. I don't do it often). I broke open the back door with three - and then realized that it had a deadbolt AND an additional sliding internal lock on the door.
  • The pry bar worked well enough to pull cabinets off of walls and open locked windows with no serious effort.

With my afternoon of destruction complete, I felt this was a tool I wouldn't mind having in my trunk if I were a patrolman again.

The only price I could find for a RAPTOR online was $275. When you consider the cost of purchasing the four tools individually, and then add in the value and convenience of having all of them in one unit, that seems quite reasonable to me. For more info visit Delia Tactical online.

Stay Safe!

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