Check Mate

The modern criminal element mandates a change in traditional tactics. To alleviate the fear of litigious ramifications, Campus Security Officers should meet state POST, or like state standards.

Some administrators will want to stand firm and not allow any weapons on campus, regardless if the individuals' roles are that of guardians. Could it also be that these administrators want to portray a public picture that no violence occurs in their school to maintain student enrollment? History tells us that there is only way to stop an Active School Shooter once engaged. That is a basic force on force. Yes, that does mean shooting to neutralize, using the political terminology. Politicians and not realists often dictate American law enforcement restrictions. These individuals often are worried about portraying a positive public image of harmony, rather than have an inkling of negative activity or image.

Like a good chess player, a school administrator must anticipate their opponents' next move. In this case, will the Active Shooter appear at their school? Should the question by administrator change from if it happens to when it happens? If so, have they taken a proactive stance in readying their school's defenses, or will the Active School Shooter have them at Check Mate?

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