Weapons to demos: Focus on training at Great Lakes show

          Anyone in law enforcement knows the importance of hands-on exercises in the training repertoire. Hands-on training is the closest thing to real-life experience in the field, allowing officers to test their aptitude in a safe environment. Some programs can be expensive, however, and not all departments have the resources to provide the training their officers need.

     The folks at Enforcement Expo understand this all-too common dilemma. That is why Enforcement Expo Great Lakes, taking place September 1-2, 2009, at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, is teaming up with several companies to provide free hands-on training activities for all attendees.

Hands-on highlights

     "Great training at no cost — that's what we are all looking for," says 2008 attendee David Yourkvitch, Central Office Law Enforcement Officer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

     Attendees can test their decision-making and marksmanship using Airsoft weapons on the exhibit floor in the Tactical Challenge Course, presented by Khyber Interactive Training. In the course, changing scenarios require split-second judgment and courses of action, some with deadly force consequences. Participants can practice entering and resolving these situations, regardless of their present skill level.

     The Spike Strip Live Demo is another hands-on activity where participants watch as a squad car drives over a set of spikes at high speeds, resulting in all four tires blowing out. MagnumSpike's live driving demonstration of their vehicle-stopping strip has been a highlight at past years' events.

     In addition, Laser Shot invites attendees to practice their aim in a self-contained live-fire training facility. The Live Fire Shooting Range is one more training tool offered to help prepare officers for challenges on the job.

More training resources

     For departments looking to develop their own training programs, the exhibit hall will feature a wide variety of companies, including those who provide either complete training systems or the tools needed to create a program from scratch.

     Attendees are also encouraged to spend time in the classroom. The conference is CPT certified by the Ohio Attorney General's Office and offers free sessions covering issues like Internet crimes, human trafficking, high-risk traffic stops and death notification to name a few.

     For more information about Enforcement Expo Great Lakes, visit www.enforcementexpo.com or call 800-827-8009.