Focusing Our Energy

Self-thought and self-talk are some of our most important weapons

Our minds and our attitudes are the most powerful weapons we possess. I cannot count how many times I have heard a cop say that he can accomplish more with his pen (on a report) than he could ever get done with his gun.

We are warriors. We are driven to survive. We have decided in advance that we will win in every situation. However, when we allow demeaning attitudes, thoughts and words about fellow protectors to creep into our mind, we have surrendered part of that mental strength to our enemies.

In this game there are rarely any one-man teams.

Each one of us is but a thread that is woven into the larger fabric comprised of all of our brothers & sisters in arms. We are like links in a chain.

When we encourage and enable a fellow officer to become stronger, we have increased the combined strength that we all share.

Be careful in what you do. Do not weaken that strength with negative thoughts, deeds, or words.

Whether or not you go home at the end of your next shift could depend on it.

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