Essentially a set of "playing cards", FitDeck offers an easy way of keeping your exercise routine continually changing and challenging.

  • Repeat Last Card
  • Double Next Card
  • Skip Next Card

As mentioned above, there is also a 30-second water break card in the deck.

Now, if you want to focus on your upper body (as an example) you can stack your deck with all of the Upper Body cards, some of the middle body, some of the lower body and a couple of the full body - or whatever mix you choose. The deck has 12 cards per body section and 10 full body cards (total of 46 cards plus the four wild cards = 50 exercise cards). So if you wanted to focus on upper body, but still don't want to neglect the rest of your body, you could randomly select eight to ten blue cards, four green, four orange and two red. That would be 8 to 10 upper body, 4 middle body, 4 lower body and 2 full body, totalling 18 to 20 exercises. If you just pick colors and not exercises, then you can shuffle up what you have and do the exercises as the cards get turned.

As I mentioned earlier, there is more than one kind of FitDeck. The primary FitDeck products include:

  • FitDeck Bodyweight (as discussed above)
  • FitDeck Stretch
  • FitDeck Junior
  • FitDeck Senior (made larger and printed bigger for easier viewing)
  • FitDeck Yoga
  • FitDeck Pilates
  • FitDeck Prenatal
  • FitDeck Postnatal

Each of those decks contain the six info cards, 46 exercise cards and 4 wild cards = 56 cards per deck. However, since the folks at FitDeck know that some professions and/or lifestyles can offer unique opportunities for exercise and/or place unique demands on the body for patricular types of fitness, they've also created 16 Booster Decks. Each Booster Deck contains 20 exercise cards along with the six instruction / information cards. The Booster Decks available include:

  • FitDeck Travel
  • FitDeck Office
  • FitDeck Stairs
  • FitDeck Playground
  • FitDeck Navy SEAL
  • FitDeck Combat Sports
  • FitDeck Firefighter
  • FitDeck Baby Stroller
  • FitDeck Exercise Ball
  • FitDeck Balance Dome
  • FitDeck Dumbbell
  • FitDeck Resistance Tube
  • FitDeck Pull Up
  • FitDeck Kettlebell
  • FitDeck Toning Ball
  • FitDeck Exercise Bar

Obviously some of those decks were specifically designed to work with various pieces of equipment such as the resistance tube, kettlebells, dumbbells or stroller. For a great many of us the specialty decks of Travel, Office and Stairs would be of great value. Used in conjunction with the Bodyweight and Stretch Decks, they'd offer a pretty good workout no matter what day it is or where you are.

The majority of the FitDeck primary decks are priced at $14.95 with a couple at $16.95 due to production costs (from what I can see). The Specialty Booster Packs are all priced at $9.95 per. FitDeck also offers some bundled programs such as the Teacher / Parent Toolkit (as an example) which includes a FitDeck Bodyweight, FitDeck Junior and a Games & Activites Booklet all for $29.95.

For more information about the FitDeck products or the company itself, or to order any of their product line, visit them online at the link provided below.

Stay Safe!

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