Warrior Wear Boots

So here I sit, two years later, composing the report on those two pair of Warrior Wear Boots and I'm pleased to say they've done well.

Let's move on to the Desert Ops Boots. The upper is a combination of Cordura, suede and that rubber stuff on the toe and heel. The outsole is a bit stiffer, wider and has a much more aggressive tread. These boots don't have the lace-clip (at least my test pair don't and I don't believe the current production ones do) so I have to settle for tying them the old fashion way and tucking what's left into the top of the boot.

The Desert Ops boots are slightly stiffer than the Light Assault Boots and, as such, seem to offer more support and protection for the ankle. They are not, however, uncomfortably rigid as leather boots can be until you spend months breaking them in. The boot sports a steel shank in the sole which provides a level of protection from puncture and support to your foot when you're traveling carrying a lot of weight (like a full pack). I find it pleasing that a great number of people agree with me about the comfort and stability of these boots as proven by the testimonials available on the BLACKHAWK! webpage for the Desert Ops boots.

Across the past two plus years I've regularly worn both pair of boots. I've worn both for several 5-mile hikes and I've hiked sand wearing both of them as well. I've intentionally saturated the Light Assault Boots in the Chesapeake Bay on a couple hikes just to find out how fast they'd drain and how quickly they'd return "to normal". I haven't been disappointed.

Two years later I can still report that the boots are performing satisfactorily (at a minimum).

Stay Safe!

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