All together now

          As a law enforcement officer, you'll often find yourself working together with EMS and fire professionals. Whether it be a car accident or a school shooting, everyone must coordinate quickly and smoothly under the stress of a dangerous situation.

     Yet despite frequent cooperation on the job, few opportunities exist for combined training and education of these units.

     Enforcement Expo Southeast, co-located with EMS EXPO and Firehouse Central, gives law enforcement the rare chance to train and learn alongside EMS and fire professionals. The event will take place October 28-30 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Along with specialized conferences for law enforcement, a set of crossover classes will facilitate the communication and planning between all first responders.

Preparing for the worst

     Large-scale emergencies are unlikely in most communities; yet emergency services professionals know that preparing for these events is still essential. Several of the crossover classes at Enforcement Expo Southeast will help emergency responders develop an effective response plan should such a disaster occur.

     First responders, EMTs and paramedics discuss how to be better prepared to handle incidents where students become victims of gun violence in "America's School Shootings: When Will They Stop?" Scene safety, managing the crime scene and dealing with anxious parents are all addressed.

     Another class, "Detecting Bioterrorism & Disease Surveillance," addresses state-of-the-art tools used in disease surveillance, how to create bio-event and situational awareness, and how countermeasures (when available and deployed) could mean the difference between life and death during public health emergencies.

     "Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure Preparedness" session participants will determine their present level of terrorism preparedness and learn steps they can take to improve their strategies.

Coordinating response efforts

     Agencies will also learn how to respond to situations they may encounter on a more frequent basis. In "Collaborative Response: Creating a Multi-Agency Coordination Program," attendees learn how to improve public and employee safety through communication, coordination and information sharing. Instructors will share their step-by-step process for developing a MAC program, as well as lessons learned and important milestones along the way.

     Attendees can review the components of highly motivated volunteer dive teams in "Dive Rescue/Recovery." Discussion topics range from best practices, training, experiences and funding, to law enforcement, EMS and rescue concerns.

     Preventing emergency service personnel deaths and injuries is extremely important, and the class "Situational Awareness for Roadway Safety" aims to help avoid these losses. The session addresses specific situations that responders face while operating on or near a highway, and provides immediate solutions to the problems.

     Enforcement Expo Southeast brings the entire public safety industry together under one roof. Attendees can browse more than 450 companies displaying their products, services, tools and equipment in the exhibit hall. Join others in your industry for this-must attend event.

     For more information on Enforcement Expo Southeast, visit or call 800-827-8009.