The Chief Said What?

Many candidates panic when they have to talk to the Chief, especially during a promotional examination.

These are the basic traits that are being requested by your administrators. There are sure to be others and you can determine what they are when you ask your Chief what he expects of his future leaders.

Lastly, the Chief's interview will consist of a list of questions to determine who you are and if you meet the needs of the Department and believe in the philosophy of the administration. The Chief may want to elaborate on some of the questions asked by the Oral Board or the Assessment Center. More than likely, he will have more questions on the Department policy, budget items, liability issues, leadership traits, more hypothetical questions, and sometimes just some plain talk about family, hobbies, stress reducers that you utilize, such as working out at the gym, walking, hiking, or yoga, so he can get to know you better.

Prior to entering the Chief's office, remember to complete your facial exercises so your facial muscles are relaxed and you are ready to answer all of his questions.

When you enter the Chief's office, shake his hand firmly and take the appointed seat. Sit upright; do not slouch or cross your legs. If your jacket is buttoned, unbutton it when you sit because it does not look impressive to have a suit jacket stretching its limits when you are sitting. Answer the questions just the way you did during the Oral Board. Don't ramble; depending on the number of candidates the Chief is going to interview, you are probably on a time limit. Look directly at the Chief. Don't let your eyes wander and, again if you do not know the answer, say so, with the understanding that you will find out the answer as soon as you leave the interview.

You will probably have a knot in your stomach and it will feel like a giant rock prior to this interview but remember: you are in control. Don't let the stress overpower you. Think positive. Your actions and answers got you to this point; build on that concept. You are good and you have prepared yourself for this position, so run with that thought and soon that rock will return to the little knot you want in your stomach to keep you sharp when you make your outstanding presentation.

Usually, this interview will provide you with time for an opening and/or closing statement, so take advantage of this time and give a concise statement of your achievements and how you can benefit the Department and the community when you are chosen for the position.

When you have finished your interview with the Chief, stand tall and extend your hand, even if you did not feel you did as well as you wanted during the interview. While looking the Chief in the eye, thank him for his time and leave.

Good Job!

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