The Complete Armory

It's a sad reality that in some crisis or natural disaster situations, public safety services are overwhelmed. If that happens, what should you have in your gun safe?

A Revolver:

Although the revolver shown is actually a Smith & Wesson Model 64, the stainless steel version of the Model 10, both with a bull barrel and chambered for .38 Special, I'd recommend getting a .357 Magnum. Why? For several reasons:

  1. The .357 Magnum weapon / cartridge team up is one of the most successful "man stopper" combinations in recent history.
  2. The .357 Magnum can chamber and safely shoot the .38 Special ammo, allowing you greater flexibility in ammo procurement and firing.

There is a reason I recommend both a pistol and a revolver in your armory. As we've recently seen with ammo purchasing floods after the presidential elections, ammo shortages can occur. The more ammo you CAN use, the less you have to stress keeping ammo stored. By having a .357 revolver, you broaden your ammo usage ability by 33% (33% whatever your pistol caliber is, 33% .357 Magnum, 33% .38 Special). If you can only shoot one caliber of ammo out of your pistol and one out of your revolver, then you're always looking for and storing those two calibers. Versatility is good.

A Fixed Blade Knife:

All of the above items for your "armory" are guns. DUH, right? Isn't that what armories store? Actually...

Armory: a storage place for weapons and other war equipment.

Knives are definitely a necessity of preparedness. I recommend at least one fixed blade knife and one folding blade knife. The fixed blade knife will have to surve as much as a generic utility tool as it will a combat weapon (if ever) so choose it according to the needs you perceive. Select your blade material and length, grip size and materials, sheath design. Find the one that works best for you. If all else fails and you have the ability to do it, design your own and take the design to a custom knife maker. It won't be cheap but it insures you'll get exactly what you asked for.

A Folding Knife:

Two is one; one is none. That military maxim is a good foundation as you start selecting what you'll buy and/or carry. You may not always have on your person, or immediate access to, your fixed blade knife, so a folding knife in your pocket is almost always advisable. Just like with the fixed blade knife, determine the size of blade you want; the size, shape and texture of grips you want. Shop to suit your needs.

Obviously this is a bare bones list of what you SHOULD have in your armory. More is always better.

LATE ADDITION: A very wise friend of mine emailed me and reminded me (quite nicely) that I should have included a rifle in .22lr. Such would be great for hunting small game without destroying most of the meat, as well as larger, ah, vermin of various species. Chuck, good sir, thank you for having taken the time to read the article and catch the missing weapon. (AND, just for you, I will still consider adding a snubby revolver or a pocket gun to the list).

Stay Safe!

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