LE Aircraft Flight Crew Tactics

What is the flight crew thinking during a mission? Above all else, safety of flight is an absolute priority!

Regardless of the request, the airborne flight crew shares the passion and zeal of completing the mission effectively and safely. One flight crew was responded to an assist officer call in a major east coast city. The single officer unit had stopped a car in a shopping center parking lot. A scuffle ensued with the lone officer and two subjects. Upon arrival, the flight crew realized there were no nearby ground units. They decided to land in the parking lot and the TFO jumped out to assist the officer! No one is sure if it was the second officer or the manner in which he arrived that startled the subjects and broke their will to fight. Both subjects were quickly taken into custody.

The most important aspect of any scene is communication. Ground and airborne units can be one of the most powerful and effective tools when working together.

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