TREXPO East 2009

A Few Needful Things

The other stop was at the DSM Safety Products LLC booth. One of the biggest challenges I've seen discussed for off-duty officers or legally-carrying civilians, is how to best identify themselves in a shooting situation. The challenge isn't so much DURING the shooting, as AFTER the shooting when the uniformed officers are responding. DSM Safety has come up with a neat little gadget that is worn in a nylon pouch - much like a folding knife nylon sheath - on your off-side hip. If you pull open the top and pull out the contents, what you get is a colored safety banner with a large identifying word on it. It is worn cross-body from strong shoulder to off-side hip. You just pull it out and over your head with your off-hand. It identifies you front and rear and serves the purpose of slowing down responding officers just enough that they don't immediately shoot you when they see you standing their holding a gun pointed at someone.

Stay Safe!

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