Iowa Deputies Join Operation Grizzly Adams, Happy Feet


The Polk County Sheriff's Office kicked off Operation Grizzly Adams and Operation Happy Feet on Monday.

The effort allows Polk County deputies to dress casual for a good cause.

Male deputies who donate $25 to MidAmerican Energy's I-Care program can grow out their beards as part of Operation Grizzly Adams.

Female deputy's $25 donation allows them to wear tennis shoes while on duty.

"A lot of guys in the wintertime would like to grow facial hair, goatees, what not. With a new sheriff we thought we would present it to him and he took it and it's just fun. The happy feet program cam along and we just combined them so that males and females could participate," said Deputy Jana Rooker, Polk County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

The I-Care program raises money to help low income families pay their heating bills during the winter months.

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