Mississippi Deputy Injured In Crash


A Warren County deputy was injured during a chase in downtown Vicksburg Tuesday, the sheriff said.

Deputy Tim Ware responded Tuesday to a domestic violence call on Berryman Road at about 8:30 p.m., Sheriff Martin Pace said. The man, who officials have identified as Douglas Walters, 21, ran into a wooded area behind the home, Pace said. As Ware was looking for him, the Walters circled around and jumped into a car and took off, Pace said.

As Walters was leaving, he met another officer and ran that officer off the road, Pace said. The officer turned around and got behind Walters and chased him into downtown Vicksburg onto Clay Street, Pace said.

Ware made it back to his car and was leaving to assist the other officer in the chase, Pace said. By that time, the chase had made it past the intersection of Clay Street and the Interstate 20 Frontage Road, Pace said. According to Ware’s dashcam video, as he entered the intersection, a van was trying to turn left onto the Frontage Road, Pace said. As the van began to turn, Ware braked and moved into the right lane and one or both of his rear tires locked up, Pace said. Ware’s car slid sideways and into the van, Pace said.

The chase continued to Main Street, where Walters crashed into a detective’s vehicle, Pace said. Walters then ran behind a home in the 1400 block of Main Street, where he was captured, Pace said.

Ware was taken to River Region Medical Center, for a concussion and a possible broken collarbone. He remained in the intensive care unit Wednesday, officials said. The driver of the van was also taken to the hospital where he was checked out and released.

Walters is charged with domestic violence and felony eluding, Pace said. He was out on bond at the time of Tuesday's arrest, Pace said. Walters was awaiting trial on charges of selling cocaine and felony eluding, Pace said. It's likely that he will be held without bond, Pace said.

In May, Warren County sheriff's Deputy Tom Wilson was killed while responding to an emergency call. His car apparently hit a pocket of water on Highway 61 and hydroplaned. Wilson had been a law enforcement officer for more than 17 years.

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