37% More Cops Died

According to the NLEOMF in Washington D.C., the numbers this year are staggering. The mid-year report shows that as of June 30, 2009, 26 cops have died in automobile crashes. That is 37% more deaths than last year at the same time.

Recognize your new limitations and to the extent possible, live within them.

Develop your own game plan. When you get into a stressed driving situation, know what you will do:

  • Turn down the stereo
  • Ignore the Nextel
  • Leave the cell phone alone
  • If mandated, watch the CAD screen for updates
  • Stay off the instant messaging until the pursuit is over
  • Use the radio to maintain contact with dispatch.

It is just like when on active patrol, you leave a well-traveled road and pull into a subdivision residential area late at night.

Almost automatically, you roll down one or two windows, turn down the stereo, dim the computer screen.

You need the same kind of plan that you automatically use when driving under stress.

Pay attention to the road. EVERY other activity else is extra.

When you are really tired, you may lack the energy to handle anything except driving. That is fine - it may be the difference between going home to your family or your body going to the morgue.

Together, we can save lives... let's start here and now.

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