Fit Responder

Studies are conclusive about the fact that long term activation of the stress response, living in the 'Exhaustion' phase, will eventually bring down even the strongest Responder.

The first trick is that the more physically fit you are, both cardiovascular and muscular, the easer it is for your body to deal with stress. Trick two is the most important, FOOD. Power food = whole grains and Fruits / Vegetables which are loaded with anti-oxidants and those help you heal and stay healthy. Trick three is simply sleep; the more uninterrupted rest you get the better you heal.

Now, I understand that many of you 'get all this' but application seems to be an issue. So here is what I want everyone to do. Write down everything you put in your mouth for 7 days, include approximate portion size and times that you eat, do not lie or 'pad the numbers.' After a week calculate your caloric intake. Then compare that number to the total time that you exercised for the week and compare that to how many hours of sleep you had each night. When you see it all on paper, well, numbers rarely lie.

Stay tuned for a monthly column where we will explore this topic and others further.

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