Chaplain: View from a Ringside Seat

Reality is a tough teacher, but an honest one.

Like pastors, cops have a ringside seat on life. Life, death - they see it all! Reality is a tough teacher, because it does not allow us to cling to our illusions, but it is an honest one. If we can make sense of what we see, we have the potential for becoming very wise. Keep your eyes and ears open, not only to what is going on outside of you, but to what is going on inside of you. Pay attention to your own questions; your own insights; the moments when you feel an illusion shattering; the moments when light suddenly shines in a place that had previously been dark to you. All these are the stuff of which wisdom and spiritual strength are born. If you do not know what your questions are, you also will not recognize the answers when you run into them.

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