Bridging data to small jurisdictions

      "The mobility of our criminals is an increasing concern," says Jason Moen, deputy chief of the Auburn (Maine) Police Department. "We have had criminals go on multi-county crime sprees, which can be difficult for an officer to track...

   Moen says while a multi-agency DHS grant got the ball rolling in Androscoggin County (where Auburn is located), "annual maintenance fees are minimal compared to the rate of return we are getting on the efficiency behind it." Pacheco agrees: "What price [would] you put on a product that gives you access to real-time, vital information ... during your tour of duty? This could potentially save your life or others' lives. Like the commercial says, 'priceless.'"

   Christa Miller is a freelance writer who specializes in public safety issues. She is based in Greenville, S.C., and can be reached at

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