The crime scene evidence you're ignoring

Computers and cell phones aren't the only digital devices that hold evidence

   Just like computers and mobile phones, digital storage media are getting smaller, able to hold more data, and harder to recover data from. All too often, what cops don't understand, they tend to ignore. Yet crucial evidence is often found on these devices. Investigators and first responders alike must take care to stay up to date on what's available, what's coming, and what it takes to retrieve evidence from it.

   Christa Miller is a Greenville, S.C.-based writer specializing in public safety issues. She can be reached at Kipp Loving, of the Tracy (Calif.) Police Department, has been attached to the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force for over nine of his 26 years in law enforcement. In addition to his experience with mobile device evidence recovery and analysis, he has taught numerous classes on the subject as a POST instructor with the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation. For more information, e-mail him at

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