Decades of duty after dark

Today's night vision capabilities give law enforcement confidence in otherwise vulnerable situations

   "Police sniping demands a very, very strong accuracy capability because of the liability [law enforcement faces]," Reifinger adds.

Techno'logical' potential

   In the future, Reifinger says he'd love to see night vision that can distinguish true colors, as opposed to the black and green imaging seen in the current generation. In the early days, Reifinger says he would have had several requests for manufacturers.

   "If you would've asked me 10 to 15 years ago, I would have had a real long list for you, especially as a sniper. But as the years passed, the manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and made some amazing improvements in size and abilities."

   As for what's foreseeable, Lowe says the most logical progression will be marrying thermal imaging and night vision in a single device. Nivisys currently has fusion technology that combines night vision and thermal detection.

   Night vision affords law enforcement the confidence it needs when on mission under dark, and provides more confident, positive identification in instances like sniper shooting. Further, it takes away many of the vulnerabilities the criminal in low light is counting on, giving the upper hand back to the good guys.

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