Trainers, Stay or Go?

If I see an officer assigned in a training capacity with just a few years under his belt, I get real suspicious.

One of the rationales that I hear given for putting an unseasoned officer in a training position is that no one else knows the subject matter. This usually presents itself when we're talking about technical subjects such as cyber security, physical security, computer related matters, etc. My answer: hire someone who has the knowledge, but don't hire them in a sworn capacity if they're not going to be a cop. We don't need another gun on the street in the hands of someone who doesn't have a clue about deadly force, but can hack a computer in a heartbeat.

That aside, this is a serious matter for many of us who have dedicated our lives to training. We sometimes stay at great personal expense, forgoing promotions, pay, and other benefits. We listen to the barbs and obnoxious comments thrown at us from uninformed dolts who couldn't be a trainer if their lives depended on it. They don't see the class prep time, the endless drills, the redundant classes in which we show the same enthusiasm for class one as class one hundred and one. They think trainers are on easy street.

So, trainers, if you find yourself at the crossroad where my friend found himself, what do you do? Do you stay, or do you go? It's not an easy decision. Sometimes it's made for us, i.e., a supervisor or a mandatory rotation. But if you have the luxury of being able to make the decision on your own, think about the long-term consequences and implications. That old axiom, The grass always looks greener on the other side, may be just the thing that helps you with the answer. My advice to you: ask yourself, "What makes me happy?" Job satisfaction, contentment, a positive outlook, they all add to longevity and success. Staying the course or leaving is one of those life-changing events. Think long and hard about it, seek input from family and friends, and seek His counsel.

Stay safe, brothers and sisters!

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