iSee LED & 888 Knife

Both fit into the category of "handy dandy" and are the kinds of things you think about at odd moments when you say, "I wish I had..."

Weighing a scant two ounces the 888 Professional Folding CopTool has a small lanyard loop molded into one of the steel handles allowing you to carry it on a keychain, neckchain, or tied to your belt / vest somehow. Now, you long time readers know me: this is a cutting tool. Out to the backyard I had to take it to see what abuse it would take and what material it would cut.

String, twine, 550 cord, 1" nylon webbing and some 1/2" rope pieces were pulled out of the shed. The CopTool had no problem with anything until I got to the 1/2" rope. The blade is a bit short to cut that and the seat-belt / line cutter hook wasn't big enough to get its mouth around the rope. Is that a failure? Not in a tool that packs this much versatility and service into such a compact size.

Priced at $49.95 on the 888 Professional CopTool products page, this is a handy little tool I'll either keep on my keychain or use as a money clip. It's just too handy to leave it at home!

Stay Safe!

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