The Deadliest Job in Policing

A cop who is writing a ticket outside his car is 400% more likely to die than a cop who is inside his car. That isn't a projection or a theory. Those are names on the Wall.

I recently ran into an officer who had many years in the business. He had fallen victim (to some extent) to the it can't happen here thinking. His son works in the same agency - with less than a year on. Dad would not be happy if his son began using some of Dad's relaxed tactical approaches to situations. So, I ask: would you be comfortable to see your child use the same tactics that you do?

If the answer to that question is NO, then it's time for an update.

I'm not here to tell you how to be a cop. I believe that you know your situation best. What I do hope is that you'll take a fresh look. Make sure that your practices have kept pace with the times.

It's all about saving just one life and that life may be yours.

Be safe out there. As always, I welcome comments and thoughts.

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